Safer Communities Alert

Well their at it again! It seems like our legislators in Sacramento didn’t learn from the first round of letting alleged criminals off. Now Sacramento wants to completely remove bail, the same thing that failed horribly during the pandemic. During the outbreak of the pandemic the California Judicial Council mandated ZERO Bail for those arrested for many violent and serious crimes. Carry a gun ZERO BAIL, Deal Dope Zero Bail, etc! By eliminating bail, the legislators are removing a judges discretion to set bail based on criminal history and ties to the community.

The new bill being proposed now (Senate Bill 262), will completely ZERO Bail and ZERO Accountability. So regardless of the defendants criminal history or danger to the public, all defendants will be released without bail. Bail has received a bad rap in recent years, people don’t understand that bail is important as a guarantee. What bail does is it acts as an insurance policy that the criminal defendant will return to court. If the criminal defendant doesn’t appear in court, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the bail bondsman, to get them back. If the bail bondsman doesn’t get the criminal defendant back to court, than they (the bondsman) is financially responsible. As you can see, there is a very good reason for bail bondsman to do everything in their power to get criminal defendants back to court, in the time allowed.

Senate Bill 262 is not only dangerous to the community it is all insensitive to the those victims who want justice.

If you wish to show your support in stopping this naive and dangwrous bill, please visit SAFER COMMUNITIES at Their website will better inform you on the status of the bill