How Bail Works

How bail works. If you have never used a bail bonding service, what we do might seem a mystery. What we do at Palmdale Bail Bonds is really no that complicated, In a word we just sale INSURANCE. A bail bondsman in an an essence is no different than the guy that sales you auto insurance. Some folks sale you life insurance we sale bonds that act as a guarantee for the the court that you will return as promised. If a criminal defendant fails to appear in court it is the Bail Bondsman, such as those here at Palmdale Bail Bonds, to get the fugitive back in a specific time. The time allowed is 180 days with an additional 180 days that can be requested from the court by filing a legal motion for more time.

Q. what if the defendant AKA fugitive, fails to appear?

A. If the bail bonding company can not find the defendant within the legal time allowed, than the bond is due, payable to the court at its face value.

Example: If the bond is a $20,000 dollar bail bonds, than $20,000 dollars is now due to the court.

Q. How mush do Bail Bonds normally cost?

A. The set rate for a Bail Bondsman in California is 10%. Thant means if a Bail Bond for $20,000 dollars is purchased than one can expect to not pay more than $2,000.00 dollars as the premium (COST).

Q. Why do company’s like Palmdale Bail Bonds advertise premiums as low as 5%? Is that legal?

A. the California Department of Insurance now allows bail bonding company’s such as Palmdale Bail Bonds to offer more competitive rates by using a term known as “rebating”. A bail bondsman by law is prevented from “discounting”, we must offer discounts in the form of a REBATE.

We at Palmdale Bail Bonds will rebate up to 50% for Bonds written in Palmdale or Lancaster. If a criminal defendant is transferred out of the Antelope Valley, Bail Premiums will be 6% to 10% depending on risk.

Q. What are the responsibilities of the indemnitor?

A. In addition to the bonding company the indemnitor is financially responsible as well. Bail Bonding companies normally, but not always, require a cosigner. The reason bail bonding companies such as Palmdale Bail Bonds normally require a cosigner, is it places someone such as a friend or family member with responsibility. Normally we at Palmdale Bail Bonds only require a cosigner when Risk is high.

If a criminal defendant fails to appear and the bonding company is unable to find the fugitive, than the indemnitor will ultimately be financially responsible. Please Note: The indemnitor is financially responsible for not only the full face value of the bail bond, but also the full cost of the fugitive recovery services.

How the bail bond process works by Palmdale Bail Bonds


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